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We produce in our own chrome studio or in location. The postproduction is also inhouse, with all you need for your perfect video, from AVID, Final Cut ProX, Premiere Pro untill Davinci Resolve and Audio dubbing with protools, fx with After effects and several cameras, like a Black Magic Cinema Camera or a red dragon. And if you miss something, we will find it in our partner studios in Europe.


All prices are individual calculated, but we will find a solution for almost every budget. Just ask us!

Price exemples:

Chroma Studio: from 80€ / 800SEK a day

Kamera Team: from 350€ / 3500SEK a day

2D/3D animation: from 25€ / 250SEK per second


Youtube Marketing: from 200€ / 2000SEK

Live Streaming: from 450€ / 4500SEK

Capturing an event: from 600€ / 6000SEK